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Welcome, glad to have you! I'm a German multimedia designer. Let me give you a little insight into my work. Just head on and see for yourself. Oh, and feel free to leave me a note, I'd love to hear from you!
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Personal Background

Born on August 3rd 1982 in Neuss, Germany, I grew up in a small town close to Dusseldorf. I started to create websites for personal use and enjoyment somewhere around the age of 12, always wanting to engage in the field of web design from that time on.

Aside from any kind of design work I enjoy photography and electronic music. Before moving to Denmark, I was even able to combine both interests by taking pictures on behalf of two local dance clubs. Hitting the slopes snowboarding is another great passion of mine, although opportunities are seldom.

During high school I had the opportunity to spend an academic year in the US, attending senior class at Adrian High School, OR. Returning to the US to study or work abroad had been a goal ever since, but we'll get to that…

Professional Experience

Graduated from high school I was given the chance to get an insight into professional web design as an intern for a German web design agency.

The internship evolved into a 3-year apprenticeship in media design carried out by the same company and complemented by an academic component teaching basic knowledge in design theory, technology and business studies. My apprenticeship (absolved successfully and 6 months ahead of schedule) was followed by a seven month employment as a full-time web designer specialized in design and HTML/CSS markup.

After transferring to an online event magazine I had already been supporting during my spare time, I additionally began working as a freelance media designer, regularly producing promotional items such as web banners, posters and flyers as well as — on occasional basis — websites and corporate design elements. In March 2009 I took things a lil' further by co-founding oneiro, a small multimedia agency.

Then, in 2011, I had the pleasure of spending my summer with HUGE at their Brooklyn office as one of 10 students in the inaugural class of the HUGE UX School. Returning to the US — check. By the end of the program I was offered a job as an Interaction Designer at their London office, due to my studies, however, it wasn't until January 2012 that I was able to join.

Higher Education

At Aachen University of Applied Sciences I optained a bachelor's degree in Information and Communication Science by an attempt to provide a Process-Driven Meta-Level Style Guide for Touch Interaction Environments. The preceding international degree course Communication and Multimedia Design is based on a cooperation with universities from the Netherlands and Belgium. Curricular content therefore included shared modules at the Interfaculty in Maastricht, NL.

Since August 2010 I have been attending the graduate program IT Product Design at University of Southern Denmark's Mads Clausen Institute in Sønderborg, Denmark. The studio-based program with focus on User Centered Design, Interaction Design and Design Research leads to the degree of Master of Science in Information Technology.


Preview: VR-SizeClub


Website redesign for the VR-SizeClub, youth club of VR Finance Group's Nordfriesland branch.

wireframes, design, markup


Preview: Interactive Lamp

Interactive Lamp

Arduino-based development and production of an interactive lamp.

When in discomfort the kid grabs the bear’s paw. Pressure sensors inside trigger the LEDs to pulsate, mimicking the bear’s breathing to provide the impression of someone being there — literally. Increased pressure raises the breathing rate.

Preview: restriction


Critical design based on an analysis of a company partner’s values and understanding regarding indoor climate and intervention of their services in people’s lives.

Project documentation (PDF)

Preview: workling


Conceptualization and research based development of a high-fidelity prototype for an online community. Research included methods like needs analysis, feasibility study, and usability testing.

Responsibilities within group:
concept, design, markup, jQuery

Preview: Scale of Life

Scale of Life

Conceptional design approach for an autobiographical information exchange.

The Scale of Life is inspired by the classical process of tracking a child's growth through measuring and marking down his height on a scale.

Project documentation (PDF)

Preview: EA Casual Portal

EA Casual Gaming

Client-driven proof of concept and functional prototype for a community aimed at casual gamers.

Responsibilities within group:
concept, design, markup

Preview: In-Store Solution

In-Store Solution

Planning and itterative development of a touch screen interface to support client-customer-interaction in a fictional retail store. Development was based on Extreme Programming methodology and involved thorough usability testing.

Responsibilities within group:
strategy, design, development



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